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xt -- A Simple Terminal Emulator

One of the most basic needs when working in the embedded control industry is to comunicate with target processors.

After migrating to Linux from MS-DOS, we searched in vain for a simple, light-weight terminal emulator program. Such a program is necessary to talk to target processors through the RS-232 ports commonly available in PC hosts. We developed xt to satisfy this need; it was initially derived from miniterm.c written by Sven Goldt.


xt's main features are:

Note that xt performs special processing on some input characters before sending them to the serial port:


You can find the source, makefile and man page here

How to install xt


We offer this project in the hopes that you will find it useful. We welcome any comments, questions, requests, or bug reports you may have regarding this project. Please feel free to contact us via email.

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